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Empowering experts. Breaking silos. Gaining x-ray oversight.

Retail stories: Orchestrating projects at 300 restaurants

By Dionne Rodrigues Healy September 11, 2015

We constantly talk to our customers to learn what their business and project management..

Pan-European Research Study Report: Coordinating Retail Projects 2015

By Hervé Laumonier September 9, 2015

One of the key factors in creating successful enterprise software products is to truly..

Top 10 Retail Technology Blogs

By Alexis de Choulot August 9, 2015

As innovations in retail technology grow at an ever-increasing rate, it's essential to keep an eye..

Retail stories: Project change management across 2,200 gas stations

By Dionne Rodrigues Healy August 3, 2015

If you have already checked out our list of 7 critical challenges retailers face in their..

From the retail experts: 5 great content pieces from the NRF

By Dionne Rodrigues Healy July 29, 2015

Not only NRF, the National Retail Federation, is the largest retail trade and advocacy group in..

Retail Deployment Management: The 7 Critical Challenges

By Hervé Laumonier July 20, 2015

We have just published a short report that higlights the critical challenges our retail..

What Gets Measured Gets Done: How to measure the effectiveness of retail point-of-sale deployment projects

By Maha Montana July 3, 2015

Companies with distributed point-of-sale networks often manage several projects at once,..

Retail: Enhancing synergies between the digital channel and the store

By Maha Montana May 9, 2015

The retail sector is experiencing digitalization of the retail store, but not always to the..

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