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IT project portfolio management: test yourself on best practices!

By Jean-Christophe Hamani November 6, 2020

According to a study conducted by the Panorama Consulting Group, 74% of IT projects exceed their..

How is One2Team facing the Coronavirus crisis?

By Lin Shen April 7, 2020

January 23rd is the date the first Chinese metropolis was confined due to coronavirus. From that..

How to manage your transformation and performance plans

By Cédric Fiederer March 4, 2020

Your mission: to ensure the success of your transformation and performance plans. To achieve this,..

IT PPM: the solution to manage your IT project portfolio

By Jean-Christophe Hamani February 19, 2020

IT does not just manage schedules. Your challenge is broader: to receive demand requests from the..

Accelerate your new product development!

By Cédric Fiederer February 3, 2020

According to a study conducted by Stage-Gate International, 82% of innovation ideas remain stuck in..

A collaborative work platform for your project portfolio

By Cédric Fiederer January 13, 2020

In increasingly complex work environments, the use of a collaborative work platform allows you to..

Managing your To-Do List at the Enterprise Level

By Paul Bourgeaux August 28, 2019

While executives outline the strategy of a company, the management team is responsible for..

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