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One2Team, the most innovative Enterprise Work Management platform, is now ISO 27001-certified and GDPR-compliant

One2Team is proud to announce its ISO 27001 certification for information security management...

How to Reconcile Agile with Value Contribution and Strategic Commitments

By Laura Catanese August 20, 2018

Agile is a trend that the IT, enterprise, and PMO worlds have watched for years, so naturally..

3 signs your company has truly arrived at business transparency

By Camille Promérat August 13, 2018

Today’s businesses are facing changing work environments, strong competition and high-volume..

One2Team Now Recognized for Innovation by All Top 3 Research Analyst Groups

By Maura Ginty, CMO at One2Team June 25, 2018

At One2Team, we are positively obsessive about elegance and innovation. And this week, we’re..

Everyone is a Project Manager

By Laura Catanese June 11, 2018

If you take a second to think about your day-to-day professional tasks, I’m sure you can think..

Check out our brand new Enterprise Work Management video!

By Camille Promérat May 29, 2018

Believing there is a more elegant way for the enterprise to work has always been in the DNA of..

One2Team + Jira for Cross-functional Portfolio Management

By Antoine AURIOL March 27, 2018

As the agile methodology becomes the de facto standard of how technical teams work, the optimal..

The High Cost of Status Quo

By Camille Promérat March 21, 2018

Because we have a different approach to PPM, One2Team tends to see both disruptor and legacy..

Seven Steps to Address Top Challenges of Telco Network Deployment Projects

By Jean-Christophe Hamani December 13, 2017

 Telco operators face the challenges of continuous network deployment waves as technology..

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