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Greg Semas

Breaking down silos: go-fast quick fix #1

By Greg Semas April 27, 2016

Virtually every company we talk to today has just one thing on its mind: going faster! For many..

Phygital retail: 3 must-see concepts from top brands

By Greg Semas March 15, 2016

Over the last few years, a new generation of stores and showrooms, designed to appeal to digital..

Retailers, don't hold back on your own digital transformation!

By Greg Semas March 6, 2016

Dear retailers,

As you are all aware, the Internet prompts two strong responses in customers:..

The four characteristics of a good project management tool

By Greg Semas February 21, 2016

In search of a good project management solution? Take two minutes to discover the..

What's the BIG idea? Themes from NRF Big Show 2016

By Greg Semas January 29, 2016

When NRF, the National Retail Federation, says that their Big Show is the place for anyone in..

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