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Laura Catanese

Why You Need What-If Analysis & Scenario Planning

By Laura Catanese July 22, 2019

When it comes to the workplace, employees often feel disconnected from one another and struggle..

The Future of the PMO

By Laura Catanese February 28, 2019

According to PM Solutions Research, the percentage of enterprise businesses using PMOs has risen..

One2Team To Support Axereal’s Strategic Portfolio

By Laura Catanese December 19, 2018

Axereal, a leader in the European grain industry, has selected One2Team’s Enterprise Work..

How to Reconcile Agile with Value Contribution and Strategic Commitments

By Laura Catanese September 17, 2018

Agile is a trend that the IT, enterprise, and PMO worlds have watched for years, so naturally..

Everyone is a Project Manager

By Laura Catanese June 11, 2018

If you take a second to think about your day-to-day professional tasks, I’m sure you can think..

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