IT PPM: the solution to manage your IT project portfolio

IT does not just manage schedules. Your challenge is broader: to receive demand requests from the different business units and to arbitrate them according to your company's priorities, while securing timelines and budgets. An adapted project portfolio management solution enables you to achieve this objective. Discover One2Team's "IT Project Portfolio Management (IT PPM)" offer.

IT Project Portfolio Management

What are the benefits of an IT project portfolio management solution?

With technological innovation redefining trades within the company, it is essential to reinvent the way different departments ensure alignment. For IT, it is becoming crucial to have a tool that provides a 360° real-time view of projects, budgets and deadlines.

An IT project portfolio management solution enables the centralization of project requests and portfolio reviews to ultimately improve IT governance.

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IT as a business strategy accelerator

With the right tools to manage projects and major programs, and the right information centralized in a single solution, IT can be a driving force behind corporate strategy.

Objectives: working jointly with the company's business units, managing projects based on results, making schedules more reliable, reducing resource over-allocation and getting rid of numerous reports.

Manage your IT project portfolio with the IT PPM solution

One2Team has designed a turnkey IT PPM solution to help you gain strategic and operational efficiency in your IT project portfolio management.

It leverages process, KPI and governance best practices specific to IT to increase the speed of implementation and adoption.

By centralizing important information, One2Team's IT Project Portfolio Management (IT PPM) solution enables you to align your IT resources with your company's business priorities.

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