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One2Team To Support Axereal’s Strategic Portfolio


Axereal, a leader in the European grain industry, has selected One2Team’s Enterprise Work Management platform to manage its strategic initiatives to reduce operational costs. The French agri-foods cooperative now manages its cross-functional projects and collaboration with One2Team.

Axereal collects 5 million tons of grain across their 13,000 constituents every year. To keep up with this volume, the company has launched a strategic plan to improve its “grain chain” and better control operational costs.

Consequently, Axereal has selected One2Team to empower all stakeholders with a real-time digital workspace that is configured to follow Axereal’s standard operating processes.

The One2Team platform was initially deployed to a group of project collaborators in April and has expanded to include the entire project team. One2Team combines, within a single platform, advanced portfolio management (consolidated overview, performance tracking, approvals and prioritization), project management (planning, risk monitoring), and project execution (task/activity management, in-context collaboration). Each of these functionalities was configured to align with Axereal’s way of working to facilitate its adoption.

One platform, a multitude of benefits

By choosing One2Team’s Enterprise Work Management platform, Axereal not only standardized their operations, but also improved the quality and efficiency of their collaboration. One2Team’s unique workspace also surfaces real-time project data and standardizes risk monitoring, all while moving away from a more traditional waterfall, siloed approach. As a result, a higher number of skilled, cross-functional resources can be engaged on each project. 

“From the start of this project we were looking for a solution to streamline project management at all levels of engagement. As it’s entirely configurable and collaborative, the One2Team solution caught our eye and we continue to further configure it to match our needs,” says Thomas Monville, Project Manager at Axereal.

“We are proud of Axereal’s decision to integrate One2Team’s innovative platform into their daily digital operations and project management,” adds Pierre Milet, COO at One2Team.


Axereal is France's biggest grain cooperative, collecting five million tons of grain from its 13,000 cooperative members. The company strives to promote and perpetuate its members' production and to contribute to the development of quality food products. Axereal markets 10 million tons of grain in its natural state or refined, including nearly three million tons of flour, malt and animal feed processed in its own facilities in Europe. 


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